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Summaries of presentations: 

"I am a child of war.  All I knew was war. We are haunted by our bitter memories of war..."

​"... healing and reconciling wounded memories is a vital dimension that is often missing from peacebuilding initiatives and progammes."

Adults affected by conflict and violence will not be able to... function well in society.  Without psycho-social help and healing...

Opening remarks Rev Dr Sam Kobia, Senior Advisor on Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion for President of Kenya

Delegates at OikoDiplomatique Symposium 2016 / Photos by: Leela Channer

​Gunilla Hamne explained the profound effect trauma can have in a person’s life.  ‘Unseen wounds are the most difficult to heal.’

  • Ms. Fatma Ahmed - Somalia

  • Dr. Mustafa Ali – Kenya

  • Dr. Alan Channer – Britain/Kenya

  • Mr. Lepalo Gideon  - Kenya (Pastoralist Community)

  • Ms. Gunilla Hamne - Rwanda

  • Rev. Grace Kaiso - Uganda

  • Mr. Joseph Karanja - Kenya

  • ​Rev. Dr Sam Kobia - Kenya (Government)

  • Mr. Ajing Magot – South Sudan

  • Rev. Miller Mariga – Kenya (clergy)

  • Ms. Didacienne Mukahabeshimana-  Rwanda

  • Dr. Richard Mutura - Kenya

  • Ms. Joyce Nairesie  - Kenya (Samburu)

  • Mr. Mukhtar Ogle  - Kenya  (Government)

  • Bishop Ochola Omolla - Uganda

  • Ms. Carine Umutoniwase -  Rwanda

  • Bishop Arkanjelo Wani Lemi – South Sudan

Symposium 2016


Healing and Reconciling Wounded Memories:
Key Elements in Achieving Holistic Peace

6th - 8th December 2016  |  Nairobi, Kenya