• Priority on thematic issues include the environment, climate change, peacemaking, peace-building and conflict resolution. Gender is mainstreamed throughout all aspects of our work.

  • Priority and focus shall be Kenya, South Sudan, the Horn of Africa, Sudan, Great Lakes Region of Africa.  These countries and regions are chosen because the prevailing situations in each of them are urgent and critical. Further, there are ongoing significant initiatives in those regions and countries that need re-enforcing and strengthening.

  • In Geneva, Switzerland OikoDiplomatique will seek ECOSOC status and representation and participate in ECOSOC.

  • OikoDiplomatique will offer hands-on consultancy services through peace envoys and the identified cadres of practitioners who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake missions to places and situations needing peacebuilding, peacemaking and conflict resolution.

Our Services

OikoDiplomatique is a consulting instrument for: 

  • Providing high level advocacy for, and services to faith communities, ecumenical bodies and civil society organizations in Africa, with the aim of assisting them to play a meaningful role in landscapes restoration, real time diplomacy, peacemaking, peace-building, and reconciliation in specific situations of conflict;

  • Promoting spaces to enable and empower ecumenical bodies, Indigenous Peoples communities, indigenous peoples and civil society organizations to interact and together discern visions of renewed hope for regenerated lands, ecosystems and life in dignity for all African peoples; 

  • Initiating inter-generational and inter-religious discourses on discerning the best ways to mitigate climate change, environment degradation, youth radicalization and religious extremism;

  • Supplementing retributive justice with restorative justice by promoting alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. 

  • Listening to, and providing channels for sharing indigenous and traditional wisdom and art of interacting with the land and creation. Working for resolution and reconciliation. 

  • Promoting the responsibility to protect and respond to Creation.

Priority areas

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