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Signs of Genocide

Dec 2016

Opening remarks Rev Dr Sam Kobia, Senior Advisor on Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion for President of Kenya

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Empowered World View Training
in Elgeyo Marakwet

June 2022

In June 2022 OikoDiplomatique teamed up with World Vision's Empowered World View (EWV) program to train faith and community leaders as well as environmental specialists working around land restoration.

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Villains or Victims?

Jan 2017

Adults affected by conflict and violence will not be able to... function well in society.  Without psycho-social help and healing...

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Climate Change a faiths, secular issue

September 2019

Although spirituality is difficult to define, it is needed to protect our struggle for social justice from disillusionment and to liberate a creation suffering under the burden of climate change and global warming.​

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Faith-based land restoration in Kenya

June 2022

What is the role of faith in land restoration? Can religious leaders foster regreening? Can faith communities catalyse the spread of farmer-managed natural regeneration?

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A hopeless population is a dangerous one

Jan 2017

​"... healing and reconciling wounded memories is a vital dimension that is often missing from peacebuilding initiatives and progammes."

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Regreening Africa gets a major boost

June 2018

Rev Dr Samuel Kobia pioneers links between faith and environment and sets the scene for Faith in Regreening Africa

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​When a child has killed...

Jan 2017

"I am a child of war.  All I knew was war. We are haunted by our bitter memories of war..."

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Unseen wounds most difficult to heal

​Jan 2017

Gunilla Hamne explained the profound effect trauma can have in a person’s life.  ‘Unseen wounds are the most difficult to heal.’

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