Summaries of presentations: 

"I am a child of war.  All I knew was war. We are haunted by our bitter memories of war..."

Opening remarks Rev Dr Sam Kobia, Senior Advisor on Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion for President of Kenya

  • Ms. Fatma Ahmed - Somalia

  • Dr. Mustafa Ali – Kenya

  • Dr. Alan Channer – Britain/Kenya

  • Mr. Lepalo Gideon  - Kenya (Pastoralist Community)

  • Ms. Gunilla Hamne - Rwanda

  • Rev. Grace Kaiso - Uganda

  • Mr. Joseph Karanja - Kenya

  • ​Rev. Dr Sam Kobia - Kenya (Government)

  • Mr. Ajing Magot – South Sudan

  • Rev. Miller Mariga – Kenya (clergy)

  • Ms. Didacienne Mukahabeshimana-  Rwanda

  • Dr. Richard Mutura - Kenya

  • Ms. Joyce Nairesie  - Kenya (Samburu)

  • Mr. Mukhtar Ogle  - Kenya  (Government)

  • Bishop Ochola Omolla - Uganda

  • Ms. Carine Umutoniwase -  Rwanda

  • Bishop Arkanjelo Wani Lemi – South Sudan


Healing and Reconciling Wounded Memories:
Key Elements in Achieving Holistic Peace

6th - 8th December 2016  |  Nairobi, Kenya


Adults affected by conflict and violence will not be able to... function well in society.  Without psycho-social help and healing...

​"... healing and reconciling wounded memories is a vital dimension that is often missing from peacebuilding initiatives and progammes."

Symposium 2016

Delegates at OikoDiplomatique Symposium 2016 / Photos by: Leela Channer

​Gunilla Hamne explained the profound effect trauma can have in a person’s life.  ‘Unseen wounds are the most difficult to heal.’