Unseen wounds most difficult to heal

​Jan 2017

Gunilla Hamne explained the profound effect trauma can have in a person’s life.  ‘Unseen wounds are the most difficult to heal.’

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A hopeless population is a dangerous one

Jan 2017

​"... healing and reconciling wounded memories is a vital dimension that is often missing from peacebuilding initiatives and progammes."

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Regreening Africa gets a major boost

June 2018

Rev Dr Samuel Kobia pioneers links between faith and environment and sets the scene for Faith in Regreening Africa

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Climate Change a faiths, secular issue

September 2019

Although spirituality is difficult to define, it is needed to protect our struggle for social justice from disillusionment; to nourish and undergird our commitment to healing of a broken and divided world, and to liberate a creation suffering under the burden of climate change and global warming.​

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Signs of Genocide

Dec 2016

Opening remarks Rev Dr Sam Kobia, Senior Advisor on Peace, Conflict Resolution and Social Cohesion for President of Kenya

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Villains or Victims?

Jan 2017

Adults affected by conflict and violence will not be able to... function well in society.  Without psycho-social help and healing...

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Latest blog posts:

​When a child has killed...

Jan 2017

"I am a child of war.  All I knew was war. We are haunted by our bitter memories of war..."

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